APRIL 1-30, 2014 OUTINGS




Big bend national Park, Texas
Photos Courtesy of  Barbara Welch
 February, 2013

Big Bend National Park Mid February 2014

Conejo Hikers on Trail

Carol and Joanne at Rio Grande River

Carol (front) and Joanne at Rio Grande River  - Mid February, 2014



Weather Forecast: National Weather Service Forecast for Thousand Oaks


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MONDAY Leaderless hikes in the local area: April 14, 21, 28. Most hikes are moderate and are approximately 5-7 mile with elev. gains of 400-1800 feet. Exceptions can occur depending on group consensus. Meet at 8:30 A.M. in the parking lot near Freddy's just before the Shell Station in Thousand Oaks on Hampshire Road. Note: Not a Sierra Club hike.

April 2014

Wednesday - 2
SISAR CANYON TRAIL (OJAI AREA) TO WHITE LEDGE CAMPGROUND: Moderate 7 mrt with 1900' elev. gain.  We will scout the condition of the campground for the May backpack.  Bring water and food and wear sturdy shoes.  Meet in parking lot near Freddy's just before the Shell Station on Hampshire Road in Thousand Oaks at 7:00 A.M. for carpooling.  HUGH WARREN (805) 341-6295

Wednesday - 2
CHINA FLAT - SIMI PEAK: Moderate 6 mrt hike with 800' elev. gain.  Great views of east Conejo and Simi Valleys.  Bring water, food and lug-soled shoes.  Meet at trailhead on Lindero Canyon Road, north of Kanan Road and 2 block east of King James Court at 4:30 P.M.  EUGENE BABCOCK (805) 499-3487

Friday - 4
SOLSTICE CANYON: Moderate 7-8 mrt hike with 1200' elev. gain.  Hike Rising Sun and Upper Sostomo Loop Trails.  See tropical terrace, oldest stone building in Malibu and 150' waterfall (seasonal).  Bring water, food and wear lug-soled shoes.  Meet in parking lot near Freddy's just before the Shell Station on Hampshire Road in Thousand Oaks at 8:30 A.M. for carpooling.  LILLIAN TREVISAN (805) 498-1623

Saturday - 5
HIDDEN VALLEY OVERLOOK - POINT MUGU STATE PARK: Moderate 6 mrt hike with approx. 800' cumulative elev. gain and views of Hidden Valley and the Santa Monica's.  Bring water and lug-soled shoes.    Meet at Satwiwa parking lot (entrance on Via Goleta on Lynn Road next to Dos Vientos in Newbury Park) at 8:30 A.M.  JOANNE SULKOSKE (805) 492-3061

Wednesday - 9
WESTLAKE VISTA - PENTACHAETA TRAILS: Moderate 4.4 mrt hike with 700' elev. gain.  Hike Pentachaeta and Westlake Vista trails with views of Triunfo Creek Park.  Look for the pentachaeta lyonii that blooms in April.  Bring water, food and lug-soled shoes.  Meet at 5:00 P.M. at the trailhead.  From 101 Freeway, exit on Lindero Canyon Road, drive 1.7 miles south to the junction with Triunfo Canyon Road.  Turn left and go 0.1 miles to the trailhead on the right and park alongside the curb.  EUGENE BABCOCK (805) 499-3487

Friday - 11
UPPER NEWTON CANYON - CASTRO PEAK: Moderate 8 mrt with approx. 1700' elev. gain.  Bring water, food and wear lug-soled shoes.  Meet in parking lot near Freddy's just before the Shell Station on Hampshire Road in Thousand Oaks at 8:30 A.M. for carpooling or before third tunnel on Kanan Road at 8:50 A.M.  LILLIAN TREVISAN (805) 498-1623

Saturday - 12
WOODRIDGE - SUNSET HILLS TRAILS: Moderate 6.3 miles with 900' elev. gain and short car shuttle.  Enjoy great views of the Simi Hills and environs.  This hike has been rained out two months in a row - third time's a charm!  Bring water, food and wear lug-soled shoes.  Meet at 8:30 A.M. in trailhead parking lot on east side of Erbes Road, 3/4 mile north of Sunset Hills Blvd.  Rain cancels.  RICK KOPPEL (805) 279-9697

Wednesday - 16
WILDWOOD PARK  - SANTA ROSA TRAIL TO HILLS ABOVE CLU: Moderate 6.3 mrt loop hike with 700' elev. gain.  Hike upper Santa Rosa Trail with great views of the mountains and Santa Rosa Valley.  Bring water, food and lug-soled shoes.  Meet at 4:30 P.M. at the west end of Avenida de Los Arboles.  EUGENE BABCOCK (805) 499-3487

Friday - 18
OLD CABIN SITE - POINT MUGU STATE PARK: Moderate 6 mrt hike with approx. 1000' elev. gain.  Great views of the mountains and valleys.  Bring water, food and lug-soled shoes.  Meet at the parking lot by Wendy Drive and Potrero Road in Newbury Park at 8:30 A.M.  Rain cancels.  EUGENE BABCOCK (805) 499-3487

Saturday - 19
ROMERO LOOP - MONTECITO: Strenuous 11 mile loop hike with 2400' elev. gain in Montecito.  Enjoy beautiful views and lunch on a water tower.  Moderate pace.  Bring food, at least two quarts water and lug-soled boots.  Meet at Carrows sign off Seaward 101 exit in Ventura at 7:30 A.M. for carpooling or 8:45 A.M. at trailhead.  LYNN LIVELY (805) 256-4106

Saturday - 19
BEACH WALK - POINT DUME - EASY HIKE SERIES: Easy to moderate 6 mrt hike with 250' elev. gain.  Hike along the beach, up to the bluff and down to tide pools if tide permits.  Tide 1.05' at 9:00 A.M. and 1.26' at 11:30 A.M.  Bring water and food.  Meet in parking lot near Freddy's just before the Shell Station on Hampshire Road in Thousand Oaks no later than 8:30 A.M. for carpooling.  LILLIAN TREVISAN (805) 498-1623

Sunday - 20
CHUMASH HUMMINGBIRD LOOP: Moderate 8 mile loop with 900' elev. gain in eastern end of Simi Valley.  Bring water, lunch and wear lug-soled boots.  Meet at 8:30 A.M. at the park and ride at the intersection of Janss Road and the 23 Freeway.  The park and ride is just east of the freeway opposite the Teen Center.  JOHN HOLROYD (805) 495-6391

Wednesday - 23
DOS VIENTOS LOOP: Moderate 5 mile loop hike with approx. 350' elev. gain and 900' cumulative gain.  Enjoy wonderful views of Boney Mountain, the surrounding hills, Pacific coast and Camarillo plain.  Bring water, food and lug-soled shoes.  Meet at 5:30 P.M. at the Dos Vientos Community Center parking lot, Borchard Road entrance.  Rain cancels.  EUGENE BABCOCK (805) 499-3487

Friday - 25
BULLDOG TRAIL - MALIBU CREEK STATE PARK: Moderate 8 mrt hike up Bulldog Trail.  Bring water, food and wear lug-soled shoes.  Meet in parking lot near Freddy's just before the Shell Station on Hampshire Road in Thousand Oaks at 8:30 A.M. for carpooling.  LILLIAN TREVISAN (805) 498-1623

Saturday - 26
SYCAMORE CANYON - POINT MUGU STATE PARK: Easy to moderate 4.5 mrt hike with 800' elev. gain.  Bring water, food and lug-soled shoes.  Meet at Rancho Sierra Vista Satwiwa parking lot in Newbury Park at 8:30 A.M.  From the 101 Fwy. take Lynn Road south towards ocean; turn left on Via Goleta before Dos Vientos and drive to the end parking lot.  MELANIE ASHEN (805) 497-6773, WALT ZABRISKIE (805) 497-1775

Wednesday - 30
RIDGELINE TRAIL LOOP - OAKBROOK REGIONAL PARK: Moderate 4-5 mrt hike with approx. 700' elev. gain that includes a very brief paved section on Rayburn Street near Kanan Road.  Bring water, food and wear lug-soled boots.  Meet at 5:30 P.M. at the COSCA trailhead located directly across from Oakbrook Regional Park at the start of Lang Ranch Parkway just east of Westlake Blvd.  Do not meet at the end of Lang Ranch Parkway.  CYNDEE ZAHORIK (805) 492-1453

TIME: 7:00 P.M.
DATE: Thursday, June 12, 2014
SPEAKERS: John Holroyd - Conejo Group chair
MEETING PLACE: cameron center (see below)


CAMERON CENTER, 288 Greenmeadow Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA Go south on Lynn Road (over the 101 Freeway) to the traffic light at Greenmeadow Drive.  Turn left, go to the end of street, turn left into driveway and follow to Cameron Center parking lot. Check with the program schedule for meeting dates and places.


The trail closure data below reflects only the N.P.S. website information.  Check with the State Parks Office at (818) 880-0350 or the National Park Service at (805) 370-2301 for information regarding the status of parks within their jurisdiction.


Los Padres National Forest:

   The Los Padres National Forest has been re-opened. Care when hiking is required.

Forest Supervisor: Peggy Hernandez
Deputy Forest Supervisor:
Ken Heffner
6755 Hollister Ave., Suite 150
Goleta, CA 93117
(805) 968-6640


  • Update on Park Closures as of August 2013

2013 Fire Restrictions
Due to high fire danger, fire and smoking restrictions are now in effect on all National Park Service land in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. For details, please download the Public Notice or call 805-370-2301.

All NPS trails are open at Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa! Currently, this park site is only open sunrise to sunset.  NPS Sunset to Sunrise Closure Map

Point Mugu State Park is open. Backcountry Trails that may still be closed will have a notice at the trailhead.

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - Now that the 24,000-acre Springs Fire is officially controlled, the National Park Service opened trails on the western side of the Santa Monica Mountains.

  • Rancho Sierra Vista in Newbury Park is open, but the park will close from sunset to sunrise.

    Visitors are encouraged to help nature recover from the fire by respecting trail closures and staying on the trail in areas that are open. Foot and bike traffic tramples sensitive soil, vegetation, burrows and nests.

    Park officials estimate 70% of Rancho Sierra Vista's 1170 acres burned during the fire, though the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center and all other structures were protected.

    More information is available at 805-370-2301.

During Rain...

Sometimes rain will cause the closure of unpaved parking areas. Lots usually reopen 1-2 days after the rain stops. Parking lots most commonly closed during or after rain are:

  • Zuma Canyon Lot at Bonsall Drive.
  • Rocky Oaks Main Lot at Mulholland Hwy.
  • Peter Strauss Ranch extended unpaved lot at Mulholland Hwy.
  • Cheeseboro Canyon Parking Lot off of Chesebro Road.

Use Caution and be Conscientious. During or shortly after rain, hazardous trail conditions may occur: including slippery trails, rock falls, tree falls, mud flows, and mud pits, especially in recent fire areas. When these conditions occur, recreational trail use is not recommended. Regular trail use can usually begin 1-2 days after the rain stops. If you notice hazardous trail conditions,  resource damage or would like updates, please contact our Visitor Center 805-370-2301.


Dry, hot, windy conditions are conducive to fire. Some park sites are subject to closures. For more information: NPS Visitor Center 805-370-2301// State Park Fire Weather Hotline: 805-488-8147.

Cheeseboro Canyon, Palo Comado Canyon, Liberty Canyon, and Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve sites:  Public access is restricted to established official roads and trails from sunrise to sunset.  Please comply with posted restrictions and closures on site. Motorized vehicles are not permitted.
Solstice Canyon is open. Trails are widened and burned wooden structures have been removed.

Highway Restrictions: If you would like up to date information about local closures and others throughout the State of California visit CAL-Trans at You may also contact the visitor center at (805) 370-2301.


  • CIRCLE X;  Mishe Mokwa open to hikers only.
  • Cold Creek Canyon Trail is open

CONEJO RECREATION and PARK DISTRICT - WILDWOOD TRAILS STATUS:  Closed when raining and trails muddy.




Call the listed leader to receive specific information about the trail and meeting place and to answer your questions. PLEASE let the leader know in advance of your intention to participate so that enough tools will be available. A parent or organization group leader must accompany volunteers under the age of 18.

Meeting places and times vary as noted on the schedule below, and are subject to change, make sure when you call that you confirm the meeting time and place. We plan to end work at 2:30 pm at the trailhead, please tell the leader when you call if you need to leave earlier. Keep in mind we often car pool, shuttle or hike to the actual work site.

General SMMTC information available from: Linda Palmer at 818-222-4531.

BRING: water, lunch, work gloves, long sleeve shirt and eye protection. Sturdy shoes or boots and long pants required. We provide trail maintenance tools such as McLeods, Pulaskis, Loppers, Saws and Mattocks.


The website maintains the most up to date schedule and directions to the various work sites. Schedule changes sometimes occur.

SMMTC Trail Maintenance

  • View the scheduled outings as a Google calendar or in pdf format for printing by selecting the appropriate tab below
  • Be sure to view the Guidelines and Safety Video (3rd tab) for important information, including what to wear, weather questions, etc.
  • Please contact the leader before the event to ensure enough tools are on hand and to the confirm meeting time and place
  • Interested in Car Pooling to the Work Location? We meet at the Thousand Oaks Transit Center for many events. Call ahead! Departure at 7:45 A.M.
  • Occasionally we have other volunteer projects, for these and a more comprehensive calendar of volunteer outings in the Santa Monica Mountains, see our Other Volunteering page
Related links: Photos of recent outings | Google map of Trailheads in the Santa Monicas | Car Pool Location


(All Meeting Times are 8:30am - 2:30pm unless stated otherwise)

APRIL 2014

Saturday - 12
Topanga School Trails - TRAIL MAINTENANCE:
Topanga School Road, Topanga, CA (map). Meet at end of Topanga School Road, west off Topanga Blvd. about 6 miles south of the 101 freeway or 4.5 miles north of Pacific Coast Highway. We will clear school trails and sections of the Backbone Trail. Leader:Dave Edwards 805-985-3728 h 805-279-3029 c

** indicates joint project with the Sierra Club Task Force
*** indicates joint project with CORBA
**** indicates a joint project with the Channel Islands Restoration

NOTE: Other trail maintenance projects, unscheduled at this time, may be conducted in the Santa Monica Mountains NRA and Channel Islands National Park. Special projects might be arranged for school or corporate groups interested in performing trail maintenance as public service projects. If you are interested in arranging a special project, please contact Burt Elliott at 805-338-7150 or email us at



Contact Walt Zabriskie at

To all Hike Leaders: Outings are due every month on the 15th

All Sierra Club Outings require that you sign an "Acknowledgment of Outing Member Responsibility, Express Assumption of Risk, and Release of Liability" before you can participate in the outing. In addition, if a minor is going on the trip, the minor's guardian must sign on the minor's behalf. This agreement can be viewed by clicking on this link ==> WAIVER

WEATHER/TRAIL NOTE as of April 10, 2014:
The daytime temperatures are high in the 55oF to 75oF+ range with overcast conditions.  Check with the park services for closure areas. Always bring lots of water when you hike. Trails are generally in good shape. Use a hat and sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 to 50 for long hikes. Check with the weather link under OUTINGS. Keep posted to this site for the latest as our hikers report on conditions.

The EASY HIKE SERIES are for newcomers to hiking or for persons wishing to enjoy the beauty of our local area without a lot of physical effort.  There will be frequent stops to insure everyone is together.  A short presentation of the route will be made before the hike starts.

Trail Status:
Trails are in fair to good condition with occasional areas where slides and heavy runoff has exposed rocks and created deep grooves in the trail. See closures above.

Current Requirements for Moderate to Strenuous Hikes:
Hikers should be physically capable of hiking in varied (possibly steep) terrain with loose rocks, gravel and mud and some bushwhacking (described in outing).  Be prepared for high winds, hot/cold temperatures and rain as these conditions can occur at any time.  It is highly recommended that you wear lug-soled shoes and bring water and food.  You may not be permitted to hike with the group at the leaders discretion if you do not have these items with you.  Check with the leader as rain and/or dangerous conditions (Red Flag Warning, etc.) may cause the hike to be canceled.



Los Padres Chapter Website  The hikes listed in this web site should be checked by calling the leader.  Hikes listed are listed with a two letter Group in parentheses:  Conejo, Sespe (SP), Santa Barbara (SB), Arguello (AR) and the three letter exception - West LA (WLA) (Angeles Chapter).  Sespe Group has their hikes listed on a separate web page on the chapter website.
Angeles Chapter Outings 
A listing of Today's Outings are on this page as you open it. To find outings on other dates scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your date range and any other advanced search parameters. Leaders are listed, but no contact information is given. If you need to contact the leader(s) click on Outings Leaders found on the left side column and follow the instructions given.
Trailheads in the Santa Monicas and Surrounds
The site is useful for finding Trail Maintenance and hiking locations. Created by a collaboration with the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council. Each area you link to displays the selected trail on a Google Maps overhead or satellite view.
@LA the Guide to Greater Los Angeles and Southern California  This is a valuable site for obtaining links to other environmental and conservation organizations.
California State Parks Web Page 
The web site lists all State Parks, allows online reservations, lists park programs and contains an events calendar.  Many events are depicted graphically.  Try it you'll like it!
National Park Service Web Page for the Santa Monica Mountains 
This site lists interesting information about what to do (see their events for the quarter in OUTDOORS online) as well what is the latest information about trail closures (duplicated here).
Weather in the local area from the National Weather Service, Oxnard, CA
This is a textual listing of weather for the Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County areas.  Use the find feature of your browser (CTRL-F) or scroll to search for your city.
Caltrans Highway Information 
Check this site for any information about traffic, road closures, freeway maps with traffic speeds, incidents, etc.  A valuable resource to bookmark.
Caltrans QuickMap  This site will allow you to access traffic and other road information in a Google Earth map format with street view. You will require some experimentation if you want to get the most from this very useful site.

The newsletter provides information about the club's various activities and at least two months of outings for advance planning.

For a free copy of the newsletter sent by e-mail every month in PDF format send an e-mail to John Holroyd with your name and e-mail address to We have phased out the paper version of the newsletter and those with an e-mail address will be sent the PDF version after their paid subscription runs out.

Note:  A subscription does not imply membership in the National Sierra Club or it's chapters or groups.



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